AWS for Retail


The retail industry is going through incredible transformation. Options for online, in-store, and mobile purchases are growing. Customers are very knowledgeable, want access to a variety of relevant products on their own terms, and expect exceptional customer service & unique in-store and online experiences.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers the cloud computing infrastructure and services you need as a retailer, enabling you to move your legacy infrastructure to a connected, intelligent, and modern platform that scales with demand, is agile & responsive, and quickly helps you turn customer & business data into actionable insights, delivering the best experience for your customers.

AWS Benefits for Retail

Invest in What Matters

With AWS you invest less time and money on infrastructure. Instead, you can invest your scarce resources to drive innovation for your customers and efficiencies for your business.

Scale on Demand

With AWS you can add and scale computing capacity quickly and efficiently. Spin up thousands of servers for peak seasons or major promotions then take them down just as quickly & easily.

Be Agile & Insightful

With AWS you can quickly and cost effectively develop, test & launch new websites, mobile apps, and digital campaigns, evaluate their impact & course correct in real time.

Go Global in Minutes

With AWS's multiple availability zones and geographic regions, deploying large-scale campaigns or expanding into new markets becomes easier & more cost efficient.

"With AWS, we can focus on initiatives that elevate our business and add value to our customers instead of putting our resources into infrastructure"

Sahal Laher, Executive VP and CIO, Brooks Brothers

“With AWS, we have been able to scale on demand during peak periods like Black Friday. This would not have been possible on our old infrastructure”

Jon Ingham, Development Manager, Travis Perkins

“Using AWS, we can push out new features and applications much faster. Instead of taking two days to build a new production account, we can do it in minutes”

Sam Keen, Director Product Architecture, lululemon athletica

“Using AWS we have access to multiple Regions and Availability Zones, which ensures high availability for our millions of global users”

Jesse Demmel, VP Platform Engineering, Under Armour

Featured Use Cases

Path to Unified Commerce

Use AWS' data storage and warehousing solutions to provide your customers with a seamless and integrated shopping experience regardless of their channel.

Insights with Data Analytics

Use AWS' scalable analytics pipelines to analyze vast volumes of customer and transactional data quickly and transform it into actionable insights.

Digital Customer Engagement

Use AWS’ machine learning & AI capabilities to offer your customers relevant, exciting and personalized experiences that increase brand loyalty.

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