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Start for free

Get started building your app for free. Every AWS service has a free tier. Pay only for the services you use beyond the free tier.

Add cloud services fast

Create amazing cloud-enabled apps in minutes. Use serverless technology to run code without provisioning or managing servers.

Deliver quality apps

Automate your DevOps pipeline with build, test, and deploy services for your iOS, Android, and web applications.

Engage your audience

Analyze app usage, and engage in meaningful conversations with your users using email, two-way SMS, and mobile push.

Cloud enable your app

Have your own app? Pick a platform below to start adding AWS services to your app.

Begin with a starter app

No app? No problem! Use our starter apps to jumpstart development and learn how to build with AWS.

Pet Tracker

Use React Native to build an iOS and Android app where users can upload pictures of their pet.

Restaurant Ordering System

A React.js PWA that allows users to view different restaurant menus, select items and place orders.

Notes App

A Notes App tutorial demonstrating adding analytics, user sign-in and storing notes in the cloud.

How it works

Create an app

Start with your own app, or use one of our starter kits which give you a fully functional app with a pre-configured frontend and backend.

Set up your backend

AWS Mobile Hub gives you a single place to easily configure AWS services. It generates a cloud configuration file, which stores information about configured services.

Connect to your backend

AWS Mobile SDK provides easy access to a range of AWS services. Use the cloud configuration file from Mobile Hub to configure the SDK in your app in minutes.

Features you can add to your app

Add cloud services fast

Secure Authentication

UI with MFA Login with Facebook, Google and Twitter.

powered by Amazon Cognito


Store and retrieve user photos, profile info and settings instantly.

powered by Amazon Simple Service Storage

Serverless Functions

Run code without configuring, setting up, or worrying about servers.

powered by AWS Lambda & API Gateway


Fast and flexible NoSQL databases that scale.

powered by Amazon DynamoDB


Deep learning conversational interfaces for your app.

powered by Amazon Lex

Deliver high quality applications

Host your web apps

Fast and flexible NoSQL databases that scale.Distribute hosted content to your users via a Content Distribution Network (CDN)>powered by Amazon DynamoDB

powered by Amazon S3 and Cloudfront

Test on real devices

Run unit tests in the cloud integrated with your CI/CD pipleline. Test on 100s of popular iOS and Android phones.

powered by AWS Device Farm

Engage your audience


Gain insight into your customers and their mobile app usage.

powered by Amazon Pinpoint


Send SMS text messages to and receive responses from your customers for transactional and targeted use cases.

powered by Amazon Pinpoint

Push Notifications

Create campaigns based on application usage, device capabilities, or demographics.

powered by Amazon Pinpoint


Create message variations and send them to your customers.

powered by Amazon Pinpoint

A/B Testing

Measure the performance of each treatment by target segment.

powered by Amazon Pinpoint

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