Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SAP have worked together closely to certify the AWS platform so that companies of all sizes can fully realize all the benefits of the SAP HANA in-memory computing platform on AWS. With SAP HANA on AWS you can:

  • Achieve faster time to value - Provision infrastructure for SAP HANA in hours versus weeks or months.
  • Scale infrastructure resources - As your data requirements increase over time so does your AWS environment.
  • Reduce cost - Pay for only the infrastructure resources that you need and use.
  • Bring your own license - Leverage your existing licensing investment with no additional licensing fees.
  • Achieve a higher level of availability - Combine Amazon EC2 Auto Recovery, multiple Availability Zones, and SAP HANA System Replication (HSR).

We have an expert knowledge of SAP HANA technology, applying it to the different business scenarios. We provide the infrastructure immediately so that it ceases to be a barrier.

SAP-certified services

SAP HEC Premium Partner certified in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, SAP Hosting, and SAP HANA Operations Services

Adaptable pricing options

Flexible pricing options with fixed or consumption-based models for shared, dedicated, or private cloud environments

Comprehensive support

99.999% uptime for infrastructure and 99.5% application service level agreements for SAP


Scalable, skilled support from SAP-certified resources

SAP Cloud Peering

Expand your cloud interconnection ecosystem with the SAP Cloud Peering service and learn about the current state of provider availability.

SAP Digital Interconnect

Find cloud-based, API-driven engagement and interconnection services that connect businesses, people, and things in the digital economy.

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