Managed DDOS Attack Mitigation


Managed DDOS Attack Mitigation

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Recent studies have found that nearly three fourths of major organizations worldwide would have experienced Distributed Denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Volumetric DDoS are been designed specifically to consume your network bandwidth, thereby congesting your network / system, and possibly ending up crashing your network infrastructure.

DDoS attacks are normally initiated through mechanisms such as UDP flood, DNS amplification, etc. This makes prevention quite difficult. However, if your systems face a volumetric DDoS attack, you can use Netmagic’s Managed DDoS Attack Mitigation Service to keep your business available, and also ensure that DDoS attack traffic is filtered before it congests your network.

Netmagic offers its DDoS Attack Mitigation Services in three variants:

Netmagic Perimeter (MitiDDoS)

MitiDDoS, our flagship DDoS mitigation solution, is designed to protect enterprise networks against large bandwidth based volumetric DDoS attacks. MitiDDoS is offered as a Lite and Standard package with different levels of mitigation capacity. We provide DDoS attack mitigation for IP addresses owned by the customer and hosted in Netmagic.


Our on-premises DDOS mitigation solution is powered by Industry leading soltion from Arbor Networks. It provides immediate DDoS protection from network and application-layer DDoS attacks that threaten network infrastrucutre and application availability. The solution automates DDoS detection and mitigation before service performance is impacted. The on-premise solution also detects and mitigates low and slow application attacks which are difficult to detect through pure network layer DDoS defense systems.

Through Cloud

Our DDoS mitigation on Cloud is powered by Arbor Networks, the leader in DDoS mitigation. This is a scalable and high availability solution that allows organizations to create a multi-level, hybrid approach to tackle very large volume DDoS attacks.

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