AWS for Power and Utilities


With the emergence of renewable energy sources, and the digitization, decentralization and consumerization of energy, the AWS cloud provides the tools for power and utilities companies to navigate new business models, deliver energy more reliably, and implement a smarter, more distributed grid. AWS gives power and utilities companies the foundation to focus on delivering the best customer experience, to achieve operational and cost efficiencies while meeting demand securely and reliably, the flexibility to evolve their business model and innovate in a rapidly changing industry, and the critical business insights to transform the industry.

Learn why power and utilities customers choose to innovate on AWS

AWS Benefits for Power & Utilities

AWS provides elastic, cost-effective

compute and storage capacity so you can quickly provision resources to run demanding high-performance workloads like demand response and weather forecasting.

Secure, Compliant, and Reliable

With AWS, you take advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure, that also powers

Reduced Time to Business Insights

Leverage a comprehensive breadth of the latest analytic tools to harmonize large volumes of data to fuel insights and innovation around how energy is generated, provisioned, and consumed.

Build Innovative Applications Fast

AWS provides the development platform to rapidly develop innovative new applications, such as to detect and service outages or to help consumers manage energy usage. Spend less time on infrastructure and more on building applications to deliver better customer experiences.

"Through the shift to AWS we achieved a saving of up to 50% in storage costs, 20% in computational power, and reduced the time required to provision from 3-4 weeks to two days"

Fabio Veronese, Head of ICT Solution Center Infrastructure & Networks at Enel

“Having on-premises control makes you feel more secure and compliant. That’s false. Having services like AWS make you more secure and more compliant.”

Bruce Kantor, Senior Director of IT Infrastructure and Security, Talen Nuclear Energy

“Using AWS, we worry less and spend less time and money on infrastructure. As a result, we can focus more of our attention on content and data quality and on making sure our renewable energy data is discoverable by researchers around the world.”

Jon Weers Senior Web Strategist at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Featured Use Cases

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Scale devices and sensors to power a distributed grid with AWS

Derive Insights with Data Analytics

Develop operational technology and customer insights to transform your industry

Deliver Better Customer Service

Deliver a better customer experience and increase consumer loyalty

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