Your Cloud. Our Capabilities.

We have our unique identity, position play and specialization in Hybrid IT – the management of complex IT environments including multi-cloud scenarios by a single solution provider. We are the only end-to-end infrastructure Solution Provider who can act as a one-stop shop for needs pertaining to Multi- Clouds.

Netmagic’s multicloud infrastructure allows you to run your business as you please. You can run all your workloads on a variety of clouds including our public cloud (SimpliCloud), third-party public clouds, hosted private clouds, multi cloud backup, multi cloud management, cloud computing, Multi cloud hosting providers, enterprise cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, dedicated cloud hosting and colocation servers while managing them through a single pane of glass – Netmagic’s Cloud Management Portal (CMP).

Why Netmagic’s Multi-Cloud

Today, we are pioneering multi-cloud based Hybrid IT Services – Delivery and Management of complex IT environments including multiple Public Clouds, Private Clouds, Captive DCs and third-party Colocation.

Through our Multi-cloud based Hybrid IT offering, we deliver –

  • Multiple Public Clouds: Netmagic cloud, AWS Cloud, Azure Cloud
  • Hosted Private Cloud: VMware, Xen, HyperV, RHV, others
  • Colocation: Shifting captive DC equipment to our secure, high density Data center colo racks
  • Cross Connects: Providing connectivity infrastructure / services to connect application hosted in multiple public clouds, Hosted Private clouds, 3rd party colos and captive DCs
  • Migration and consolidation: Seamless migration and consolidation of applications across various cloud / hosting / colocation infrastructures
  • Cloud Management Platform: Single Window Pane to do real time monitoring of workloads across multiple public / private clouds
  • Managed Services: 24*7 management of all infrastructure elements underlying the applications including hypervisors, operating systems, data bases, storage- backup and security

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