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Content Production

Make movies and rich media content more quickly, cost effectively, and collaboratively by producing content in the AWS Cloud.

Broadcast & Over-the-Top

Use AWS to elastically scale and deliver optimal video experiences to customers anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Digital Publishing

Accelerate innovation, reduce capital infrastructure investments, and engage a global audience with locally delivered content using AWS.

Media and entertainment companies are leveraging the on-demand, pay as you go benefits of AWS to scalably and cost effectively create movies, stream videos, broadcast programs, and publish content around the world. The AWS Cloud and partner ecosystem provide highly scalable, elastic, and secure solutions for ingesting, storing, computing, processing, distributing, and analyzing video, audio, and digital media content.

Featured Customer Stories

Major League Baseball Advanced Media uses the AWS Cloud to power the StatCast analytics application with real-time data streams.

Comcast uses AWS to scale the capacity on its X1 platform with a hybrid cloud architecture.

The Financial Times migrated its media analytics workloads to AWS and improved query response time by an average of 90%.

Getting Started with AWS


Scale and accelerate content creation and rendering with AWS cloud compute instances.


Build highly secure, low cost content repositories with AWS cloud storage solutions.


Build highly elastic and scalable media workflows with AWS Elemental media services.


Broadcast high-quality video globally by distributing and streaming content on AWS.

AWS Digital Media Resources

Looking for ideas on how to use AWS for media and entertainment? Visit the Digital Media Resource Center. You can find past presentations, whitepapers, and other technical information specific for content production, broadcast, and publishing.

MPAA Security Alignment

AWS performs security audits for alignment to the MPAA best practice, to augment their risk assessment and evaluation of MPAA-type content on AWS.

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