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AWS in Nonprofit Organizations

By using Amazon Web Services' (AWS) inexpensive and highly scalable infrastructure technology to build websites, host core business and employee-facing systems, and manage outreach and fundraising, nonprofit organizations around the world can stop paying for computing power they aren’t using - and focus their resources on their important work.

What can AWS do for you?

Whether you are running applications to support your website and outreach or those that run the critical operations of your organization, you need rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources. Learn what Amazon Web Services can do for your organization with cloud-based infrastructure for websites, fundraising, database management, and more. Learn more by attending our monthly NPO office hours or contact an NPO sales representative today.

Nonprofit Partners

AWS NPO customers can optimize their technology solutions by teaming up with partners. Search our AWS Partner Network for the right partner and start collaborating today!

Introduction to AWS for Nonprofits & NGOs

Tens of thousands of nonprofits and NGOs worldwide use AWS to build highly available, scalable websites, host core business and employee-facing systems, and manage donor outreach and fundraising efforts – keeping them mission centric. This helps nonprofit organizations pave the way for innovation and, ultimately, make the world a better place through technology.

Getting started on AWS is simple. Learn more by watching our featured video and sign up to get started today!

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Parkinson’s disease affects an estimated 5 million people worldwide. Because symptoms vary from individual to individual, research into the disease is further complicated by the lack of objective data. As is typical of many applications used for clinical research, the collection, storage, and analysis of data is complex, expensive, and time-consuming. The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) supported Intel to build a big data analytics platform with AWS’s infrastructure, using Hadoop and other IoT technologies. The platform collects and processes large stream of sensor data from smartphones and wearable devices, and will make this data available to researchers for analysis.

American Heart Association

AHA and AWS bring unique strengths and complementary expertise to the Precision Medicine Data Marketplace with AWS offering the immense computational and analytical power necessary to manage the information ecosystem of this magnitude," said Teresa Carlson, Vice President Worldwide Public Sector, AWS, Inc..

Who are our Nonprofit Customers?

More than 22,000 nonprofits are using cloud solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS). From issue advocacy to charitable causes, from health and welfare to education, nonprofit organizations use AWS to radically reduce infrastructure costs, build their capacity, and reduce waste.

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) is a private, non-profit corporation that offers all Americans a wide variety of educational and entertainment programming through television and online content. is the world’s largest social-change platform with more than 130 million users in 196 countries. The company’s mission is to empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see.

National Democratic Institute (NDI), works to strengthen democratic institutions worldwide. By using AWS's flexible, secure and low-cost IT infrastructure, it reduced its costs by 90%.

JustGiving is a charitable fundraising organization with 24 million registered users who have helped raise $3.5 billion for more than 13,000 causes.

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AWS Credit Program for Nonprofits Through TechSoup Global

The AWS Credits Program for Nonprofits provides access to AWS promotional credits, which help nonprofits implement cloud-based solutions to help meet their mission goals without the upfront investment of physical infrastructure.

AWS, through TechSoup, will make a grant of $2,000 in credits to eligible 501(c)(3) organizations. Organizations can apply these service credits toward usage fees for all AWS on-demand cloud services, as available by region. AWS credits are not valid for Reserved Instances (RIs), Mechanical Turk, Route53 domain purchases, or support launch fees. They are available for monthly support fees.

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AWS Serve Program

The AWS Serve program, in partnership with the Technology Affinity Group (TAG), provides a gateway for innovation and increased impact for the causes and communities you serve. We aim to provide access to technology in a meaningful way and deliver the resources your organization needs to greatly accelerate cloud-related endeavors and to help power your mission and workforce.

This program is exclusively available to TAG member foundations and your nonprofit grantees.

For more information on how to become a TAG member and access the program please contact:

Personalized Medicine and Genomic Research: Profiles in Cloud-Enabled Scientific Discovery

Medical and scientific communities around the world are just starting to take advantage of the transformative opportunities that personalized genomic medicine offers patients. The four organizations highlighted in this eBook are at the forefront of that medical revolution.

This eBook was created to highlight the important work bioinformatics organizations are undertaking, such as genome sequencing and genomic analysis. The stories of these four clients vividly illustrate what is possible with AWS cloud technology.

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