Separate the signal from the noise in log analysis

Collect, correlate, and search your systems and application data to gain insights across on-premises and cloud infrastructures. Manage your SLA more efficiently and gain operational insight by reducing the time you spend searching for anomalies across your complex hybrid IT environment.

"Our customers' IT environments are getting more and more complex.They could have an employee working on an iPad in Hawaii on a Sunday night.To manage this complexity, we use Operations Management Suite, and they benefit from increased visibility and control. Instead of spending a couple of hours searching a server for an anomaly, we can use the Log Analytics to create custom dashboards and save search queries."

Toon Dillen, Innovation manager

See the full picture in meaningful detail

Get a comprehensive view of applications and network dependencies across servers, processes, and services from Microsoft and others. Isolate problems and accelerate root-cause analysis across any platform, improving the availability and reliability of your applications.

"Operations Management Suite helps us run a more efficient hybrid platform on the back end for both Windows and the LAMP stack [Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP] so we can be confident that our games are going to provide the best possible experience for our typical user—a child playing an educational game—and so they can have fun and continue the fun."

Michael Boldezar, Vice President of Platform Technologies

Drive business intelligence through applications monitoring

Convert your rich IT insight to business intelligence that unlocks opportunity and helps focus your efforts. When you know how people are using applications on your network, you know what they need and where to invest for the greatest impact.

"We have found cases in which there were more users than previously assumed who primarily used applications that we had thought would have only limited use. By obtaining such information, we will be able to more accurately recommend future system improvements and functionality additions and will be able to utilize our limited budget to its maximum, since it becomes easier to decide where to focus."

Yuki Sawa, Developer

Azure Monitor

Highly granular and real-time monitoring data for any Azure resource.

Application Insights

Detect, triage, and diagnose issues in your web apps and services.

Log Analytics

Collect, search and visualise machine data from on-premises and cloud.

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