Business intelligence


Get the right insight into the right hands

Offer business analysts—and everyone in your organisation—powerful, self-service analytical and BI tools to drive better, faster decision making. Combine data from multiple sources to build tailored reports and create rich analytics that bring your data to life.

“We went from a very disparate, inconsistent and inefficient setup to one in which any executive can open a dashboard on their phone and see immediately how the media spend for a campaign is performing against various KPIs.”

Dave Rumsey, Chief Information Officer

Integrate and manage business intelligence securely

Better integrate with existing systems by choosing a feature-rich, enterprise-ready BI platform. Maximise resources, monitor access to data and assets, help ensure security and compliance—and deliver a business intelligence solution designed for the needs of your organisation.

“Every day we make life-and-death decisions, so we cannot go on gut feelings or opinions. The data is the most important thing we have. Using Microsoft BI and analytics tools helps us make better decisions and save more children’s lives.”

Stephanie Bruno, Data Architecture Manager, Informatics

Bring data to life in your apps

Help your customers easily access valuable data on any device at any time. Embed fully interactive and up-to-date visual analytics directly in your apps with ease—without the time and expense of writing code.

“Power BI provides a rich, immersive experience for users, allowing them to visualise and analyse data in one place, simply and intuitively.”

Paul Maher, Chief Technology Officer of Integrate

Customised BI solutions from leading systems integrators

Discover the right BI solution for your business data in our Partner Solution Showcase. Our certified systems integrator partners have a wealth of experience across a wide number of industries and technologies.

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