Disaster Recovery


Protect all of your major IT systems. Affordably.

Achieve low recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) targets for every major system in your organisation, simply and cost-effectively. Eliminate the hassle and cost of secondary datacenters and tap into nearly infinite capacity at a moment’s notice with a cloud-based data recovery solution designed for the needs of enterprises.

"One large bank was about to break ground on a new disaster recovery datacenter, which would have cost US$9.3 million. But it cancelled those plans and is now going to use EVRY Azure-hosted services instead. EVRY-based disaster recovery solutions will reduce customer costs drastically."

Baard Mühlbradt, Vice President of Operations

Unify data management, security, and protection

Achieve business goals for continuity and compliance throughout the lifecycle of your apps. Help secure your data with industry leading protection offered by encryption features.

"Azure has revolutionized our disaster recovery offerings in the market. Simply put, we can very easily provide centrally managed DR to our customers for 44 percent lower costs."

Paul Collins, Technical Services Director

Ensure apps work when you need them the most

Rest assured during an outage or disaster scenario with a disaster recovery solution that protects and natively supports the widest range of enterprise applications of any cloud disaster recovery provider. Fail over your apps—and your entire datacenter—with automated recovery plans in a matter of hours instead of weeks or months.

"It would have taken up to 10 days to restore the whole datacenter data from tape, a catastrophically long time. With Azure, we can recover our entire datacenter in two to three hours, and we’re working to shrink that further."

Daniel Platz, IT Manager

Perform tests any time for complete confidence

When a disaster hits, the last thing you want is to run into a problem. Test your business continuity plans or run dev-test copies of production workloads in Azure whenever you need to, and without impacting users. Plus, test new versions of applications with copies of live data, and then seamlessly put the new version into production in your datacenter.

"We conduct tests to refine our business continuity plans in Azure Site Recovery, which runs in Microsoft Azure, as frequently as we want. This will give a new level of comfort to the business, especially around Tier 1 applications that directly influence the company’s ability to generate revenue or that protect the integrity of our brand through consistent, always available, quality service in the stores and online."

Lee Bingham, Head of IT





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