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A Fast, High Performance Global Network

Google’s high quality private network connects our regional locations to more than 100 global network points of presence close to your users. Google Cloud Platform also uses state-of-the-art software-defined networking and distributed systems technologies to host and deliver your services around the world. Google global VPC leverages the Google-owned global high-speed network to link your applications across regions—privately and reliably. When every millisecond of latency counts, Google ensures that your content is delivered with the highest throughput, thanks to innovations like BBR congestion control intelligence.

Manage Networking For Your Resources

With Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network, you can provision your Google Cloud Platform resources, connect them to each other using the Google-owned global network, and isolate them from one another. You can also define fine-grained networking policies with Cloud Platform, on-premise or other public cloud infrastructure. VPC Network is a comprehensive set of Google-managed networking capabilities, including granular IP address range selection, routes, firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Cloud Router.

Worldwide Autoscaling and Load Balancing

Scale your applications on Google Compute Engine from zero to full-throttle with Google Cloud Load Balancing, with no pre-warming needed. Distribute your load balanced compute resources in single or multiple regions, close to your users and to meet your high availability requirements. Cloud Load Balancing can put your resources behind a single anycast IP and scale your resources up or down with intelligent Autoscaling. Cloud Load Balancing comes in a variety of flavors and is integrated with Google Cloud CDN for optimal application and content delivery.

Highly Available Global DNS Network

Google Cloud DNS is a scalable, reliable and managed authoritative Domain Naming System (DNS) service running on the same infrastructure as Google. It has low latency, high availability and is a cost-effective way to make your application and services available to your users. Cloud DNS translates requests for domain names like into IP addresses like Cloud DNS is programmable. You can easily publish and manage millions of DNS zones and records using our simple user interface, command-line interface or API.

Fast, High Availability Interconnect

Google Cloud Interconnect allows Cloud platform customers to connect to Google via enterprise-grade connections with higher availability and/or lower latency than their existing Internet connections. Connections are offered by Carrier Interconnect service provider partners, and may offer higher SLAs than standard Internet connections. Google also supports direct connections to its network through direct peering. Customers who cannot meet Google at its peering locations, or do not meet peering requirements, may benefit from Carrier Interconnect.

Content Delivery Network

Google Cloud CDN leverages Google's globally distributed edge caches to accelerate content delivery for websites and applications served out of Google Compute Engine. Cloud CDN lowers network latency, offloads origins, and reduces serving costs. Once you've set up HTTP(S) Load Balancing, simply enable Cloud CDN with a single checkbox.


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