Cloud Data Transfer


Family of Data Transfer Services

Whether you are in Denver, Colorado or Denmark, whether you have 50 Gigabytes or 50 Petabytes of data, whether you have access to a T1 line or a 10 Gbps network connection, Google offers solutions to meet your unique data transfer needs and get your data on the cloud quickly and securely.

Online Transfer

Use your network to move data to Google Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage Transfer Service

Transfer your data from one cloud to another..

Choose the Right Service


Data Center Migration

The data you create and store on-premises takes relentless focus and significant resources to manage it cost-effectively, securely, and reliably. As organizations face exponential growth of their data many are turning to the cloud to scale with them in their efforts. For your structured and unstructured data sets, whether they are small and frequently accessed or huge and rarely referenced, Google offers solutions to migrate that data quickly to Google Cloud Storage , BigQuery or Dataproc.

Decommission Tape Libraries and Infrastructure

Many organizations accumulate vast libraries of magnetic tape as they copy data for backup, archival or disaster recovery purposes. While critical in the event of a disaster, data on tape does not provide any value to your users and requires cumbersome infrastructure to maintain. Working with our many partners, you can easily transfer data from tape to Google Cloud Storage. Once in Google Cloud you can generate new insights with advanced analytics, discover it more easily for regulatory and legal purposes and apply machine learning.

Machine Learning

Once transferred to Google Cloud Storage or BigQuery your data is accessible via our Google Cloud Dataflow processing service for machine learning projects. Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine is a managed service that enables you to easily build machine learning models, that work on any type of data, of any size. Create your model with the powerful TensorFlow framework that powers many Google products, from Google Photos to Google Cloud Speech. Build models of any size with our managed scalable infrastructure. Your trained model is immediately available for use with our global prediction platform that can support thousands of users and TBs of data.

Content Storage and Delivery

If you need to serve users around the world with the highest availability, Google offers multi-regional setups designed for video streaming and frequently accessed content like web sites and images. For analytics and batch processing, regional setups are available to meet the unique requirements of those workloads. For content-rich use cases like these you can choose a data transfer option that will have minimal impact on your network while moving large amounts of data.

Backup and Archival

With increased frequency of cloud outages you need to ensure your data is always available. Using our data transfer services you can easily backup data from another cloud storage provider to Google Cloud Storage. You can ensure your data is retained cost-effectively by taking advantage of ultra low-cost, highly-durable and highly available archival storage offered through Google’s Nearline and Coldline storage classes. Object lifecycle management enables this automatically, transitioning data from one storage class to the next depending on your business’s cost and availability needs at the time.


Fast and secure data transfers for any dataset or network

Online Transfers


The gsutil command line, drag-and-drop functionality, and JSON API enable you to upload data via the method and language you prefer. The BigQuery Data Transfer Service requires no deployment and can be configured via an easy to use user interface.


The BigQuery Data Transfer Service enables you to connect directly to leading applications like Adwords, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers, and YouTube Content and Channel Owner Reports. Or many others via our partners.

Across Clouds


You can use Cloud Storage Transfer Service to back up data to a Google Cloud Storage bucket from other cloud storage providers. By default, Cloud Storage Transfer Service ensures your content is correctly transferred over. It copies a file from the data source if the file doesn't exist in the data sink or if it differs between the version in the source and the sink.


Schedule one-time or recurring transfers of data. Schedule periodic synchronization from data source to data sink with advanced filters based on file creation dates, file-name filters, and the times of day you prefer to import data.


The Cloud Storage Transfer Service allow you to delete existing objects in the destination bucket if they don't have a corresponding object in the source. Delete source objects after transferring them.

Offline Transfer


Capture up to a petabyte of data on one Transfer Appliance. Or use multiple appliances to transfer more data. All without impacting your outbound network.


The Transfer Appliance is easily mounted into open rackspace in your datacenter and can be mounted as Network Attached Storage (NAS). A simple user interface will guide you through local data capture, and your Google Cloud Platform console will guide you through decryption and ingestion.


Data is encrypted at the moment of capture and you decrypt your own data once as it is ingested into its final storage bucket.

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