Network Operations Center


Network Operations Center

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Netmagic delivers best-in-the-industry operations from its 2 NOCs – Mumbai and Bengaluru providing SLA driven Incident Management services. Our customers have the flexibility to pick and choose from a wide variety of service components in our operations stack.

NOC Service Delivery Models

Netmagic offers NOC services based on both shared and dedicated models.

Shared NOC

When you need services delivered by Netmagic’s shared operations team using our own tools and processes, you can subscribe to our Shared NOC model. In the shared model, you pay per device monthly charges.

Dedicated NOC

If you need your own tools or processes to be used for delivering services, Netmagic can deploy dedicated resources to work on the assignment.

Once subscribed to a Dedicated NOC, Netmagic can also provide custom shift based support. For example, a US based customer who wants to contract only US night / India daytime support. Many of our trading customers have contracted enhanced support during daytime for some of their mission critical trading systems on a dedicated model.

Both models are extremely effective and are completely managed by Netmagic to deliver SLA driven services. The following table shows a high-level comparison of these two delivery models:

  • Hours of Operations
24 X 7 Customer defined
  • Model of Operation
Service oriented Skill Set oriented
  • Commercial Model
Device based Resource based
  • SLA's / KPI's
Standardised Customer Defined
  • Delivery Process
ITIL Customer Specific
  • Integration with customer tools
No Yes
  • Scalability
Easily Scalable More sticky in terms of resources
  • Monitoring
Through NM tools Either NM or Custom tools
  • Netmagic Touch Points
Service Desk Named Resources

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