Managed Security Services


Managed Security Services

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Today’s fast changing technology environment comes with its own set of vulnerabilities and complex security challenges. With constant technology upgradation and increasing data touchpoints both within and outside the firewall, inadequate IT security poses far greater risks to business than previously imagined. In the face of new, evolving vulnerabilities, improving the enterprise security setup and building greater IT preparedness to address new security threats becomes of utmost importance.

Netmagic’s Managed Security Services (MSS) gives your IT the ability to simplify security management, thereby minimizing risks, protecting critical information and effectively reducing the cost and complexity of your security infrastructure. With an end-to-end suite of fully managed services, MSS gives you a consolidated view of your security environment. With more than a decade of experience around security management, the MSS team offers a wide variety of proactive mechanisms to address core security concerns, both within and outside the firewall.

Deployed through a SaaS based delivery model, MSS from Netmagic is a cost effective and scalable offering that accelerates your readiness to handle evolving security threat scenarios.

Managed Security Services Components

Volumetric DDoS Attack Mitigation

Keep your services available in case of a Volumetric DDoS attack and also ensure that excess traffic is removed before it congests your network. Available as on-premise, perimeter or cloud service.

Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Provides advanced application level security to customer’s web applications hosted with Netmagic and is powered by industry leading Web Application Firewall from Imperva.


SecureAT: Web Application Firewall (WAF) Services-

A simple and cost effective solution to protect your web applications from malicious actors. SecureAT provides the highest levels of protection at the least TCO to customers.

Managed Firewall Service

Netmagic’s ‘Managed Firewall’ service is an integrated offering that includes appliance, hosting and management. Through the “Managed Firewall” Service, Netmagic helps organizations deploy an optimal level of network security while lowering TCO. We provide end-to-end operational ownership of the firewall throughout the asset life-cycle


Security Audits & Testing

VAPT service provides world-class network and Web Application audit services using solution combination of automated and Mmnual testing. Audits help uncover technical and business logic flaws in the application workflows

Real Time Threat Monitoring and SIEM

A fully managed SIEM solution with a SOC team that manages the operations on a 24X7 basis to meet your security and compliance requirements.

SSL Certificates

One of the most trusted ways for customers to feel safe when they are making web based transactions

WebControl Services

Comprehensive and reliable Secured Web Access irrespective of users geographical presence, with perimeter as well as Cloud based protection

Netmagic Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Highly skilled team with over 100 man years of experience across Security Incident Monitoring, Incident Response, Incident Management and Forensics of Security incidents

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