Understand how your employees work — whether in-office or remote

  • Workforce Productivity - Get a clear picture of how work gets done. Leverage data insights to analyze where time is spent and how to improve less productive behaviors to drive business.
  • Operational Efficiency - Understand employee workflows, discover bottlenecks and poor organizational structures to better streamline operations.
  • Remote Workforce Management - Monitor employee activity including working hours, engagement, and productivity behaviors of remote workers.
  • Insider Threat Detection - Review reports and screen captures to locate suspicious application usage, website history, and USB activity. Discover what actions led to compromised systems and breaches.
  • Employee Monitoring - Get an accurate picture of each employee’s performance and intent. Make informed management decisions and eliminate uncertainty about suspected behavior.

Why ActivTrak

ActivTrak is a workforce productivity and analytics application that helps organizations understand how and what people do at work. Our cloud-based user activity monitoring software provides contextual data and insights that enable mid-market organizations to be more productive, secure, and compliant. Our software is affordable, easy-to-use and can be up and running in minutes.

Analyze Workforce Productivity

  • Get a clear picture of how work gets done
  • Understand how employees utilize their time
  • Remove wasteful practices and distracting environments
  • Analyze productive behaviors to establish a top performing baseline
  • Leverage productivity insights to help drive more business

Measure and Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Establish operational baselines that accurately reflect the business
  • Understand employee utilization of time and make needed adjustments
  • Uncover root cause of spikes in workload
  • Resolve workflow bottlenecks and poor organizational structures
  • Manage costs with better visibility of application usage
  • Analyze data insights to design teams for better business outcomes

Effectively Manage Your Remote Workforce

  • Get visibility into how remote employees utilize their time
  • Resolve workflow bottlenecks in accessing operational systems offsite
  • Remove wasteful practices and distracting environments
  • Discover productivity insights across dispersed teams
  • Analyze activity and behavior to ensure accountability
  • Identify overworked remote employees to reduce attrition

Protect Data from Insider Threats

  • Analyze user behavioral data to uncover suspicious activity
  • View activity data with context to get the real picture of intent
  • Protect sensitive data with screenshot redaction and USB device detection
  • Set automated security alerts and response notifications
  • Uncover security vulnerabilities from remote user access

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